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DW Photography is a 100% Canadian-owned business in Calgary AB, offering safe and professional UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) services to the general public, corporations and the government in a wide spectrum of applications.

We provide aerial photo services specializing in “multi-rotor” aircraft for our UAV aerial operations and photography. This rotary wing aircraft possesses the same flight ability as conventional helicopters, but on a much smaller scale. This includes the ability to take off and land vertically, hover in one place and fly in and around tight spaces.

We practice in a responsible manner while benefiting individuals, the public and our corporate and government customers. As safety is our number one priority, we are Transport Canada Aviation certified for special flight operations. We are proactive in the community and advocate safe UAV/RC aircraft flight practices, which respects public privacy concerns.

UAV pilots are much more than a photographer. They are professional individuals trained, certified, and skilled in the field of piloting, navigation, safety and aviation. They control an aerial vehicle and aircraft which is “unmanned” or remotely (RC) controlled by a ground station. Qualified UAV pilots may be hired, do research and be in business for pay. Some skills UAV pilots must have include a fundamental understanding of the principles of flight, airspace regulations, meteorology, maintenance, navigation, radio, safety procedures and other skills critical to safe flying in aviation.

Our UAV pilot currently holds a Canadian Commercial UAV SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate). The SFOC is a Transport Canada basic requirement for those of us using the UAV/drone for business, work or research in Canada.

We carry a $2 million liability insurance policy on all UAV/drone flights (copy of SFOC and Insurance certificates upon request).

Our Fees

  • Basic UAV service: $150/hour (professional UAV service including certified and approved UAV pilot, aircraft, ground station equipment and personnel)
  • Minimum charge: 3 hours (total time per service call including travel time, and to the nearest .25 hour thereafter)
  • Post Editing (PS, image enhancement, cropping, photo control, etc.): $75/hour min 2 hrs
  • Basic Real Estate Package: $275 (includes all necessary personnel and 5 exterior shots edited)

All fees are subject to GST at 5%. Travel time charges can apply on non-local call outs. Free estimates for UAV services within greater Calgary, AB are available on case-by-case basis.

For more information on rates or UAV services, please contact Doug Williams at info@dwfoto.com.

Sample Aerial Video

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