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Doug Williams – Calgary based nature photographer

I grew up in the foothills and have had the luxury of being in some phenomenal areas to take most of my nature photographs. I have travelled and lived in all three western provinces and throughout my travels, have had the time to take advantage of some of the beautiful vistas nature has to offer. From the rolling fields of wheat on the prairies to the magnificent Rockies and the Pacific, there is a lot to take in and enjoy.

I started recording this beauty many years ago on Sony and Fuji digital cameras. I have since graduated through some specific models of Canon. The EOS Rebel T5i, EOS 50D and currently the EOS 5D Mark III. I have a number of different lenses but shoot mostly with EF 24-70mm F2.8L II USM lens.

My camera is always with me as Mother Nature waits for no one. When I get a chance to shoot what I think is unique and others would like to see, I am ready.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite?

The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

— Imogen Cunningham —

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